It has now almost been one year since graduating from college and joining the adult world. There are many awful things about the adult world (like having to wear a bra and cook your own dinner) but sitting in traffic definitely takes the cake. Thankfully, I have found a solution that makes sitting in traffic bearable. Trust me, it’s still not fun but when you have a good podcast going you are so excited that it’s almost okay.

I have been testing out a bunch of different podcasts and I’ve found some truly amazing podcasts that I just have to share with you. GOOD NEWS: There is a podcast in this post for absolutely everyone.

1- Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso 

Sophia Amoruso is a total trailblazer who coined the term #GIRLBOSS. What I love about her podcast is she interviews other #girlboss women who have started a business and/or are leaders in their field. They discuss topics like how they started, what they’ve learned along the way and their #girlboss moment of the week. Whenever I listen to this podcast I feel totally motivated and unstoppable. Plus, its basically 1-on-1 time with some of my biggest idols. (Some of the fabulous women interviewed are: Brit Morin from Brit+Co, Cassandra Grey from Violet Grey, Alli Webb from DryBar and Emily Weiss from Glossier.)

2- The Goal Digger Podcast by Jenna Kutcher 

I love this podcast because it is so refreshing & different from the others I’ve listened to. In this podcast, Jenna teaches the listeners about a bunch of different topics such as self-care, creating an authentic social media feed and how to manage your time effectively. The information Jenna teaches is invaluable and stuff that some people pay big bucks to learn about. I’ve found myself pulling out my phone in traffic to jot down notes about some of the things I’ve learned. If you aren’t sure what you are looking to learn about just pick a random episode and try it out. Trust me, Jenna finds a way to resonate with every listener on a special level.

3- Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert

As I was researching podcasts for this post I came across a podcast with Elizabeth Gilbert. She is the author of Eat, Pray, Love and Big Magic; two of my favorite books. In this podcast, Elizabeth expands upon her work with Big Magic by actually pulling in viewers and coaching them so that they can tap into their potential as a creative soul! During her coaching sessions she finds out what the individuals passion project is, helps them find their direction, utilizes a professional in that field to give advice, gives them homework and then follows up. The coolest part is the follow up with these individuals to see how far their project has come!

4- VOUS Church 

Thanks to the TV show Rich In Faith, I’ve recently recommitted to my faith and relationship with God. I love the inspirational side of religion that shows us that our life is meaningful and uniquely ours. That God has a plan for us and will help us rise to the occasion. I love that there is someone out there who knows me better than myself and is helping me grow each and every day. Every Monday, on the way to work I turn on the VOUS Church podcast and tune into their sermon from the weekend. It is totally inspiring and a great way to start my week.

5- TEDTalks 

TEDTalks are mini educational episodes about various topics: medicine, mental health, science, art, design, technology etc. I love learning especially when it is about inspirational topics such as self-care and happiness. I created a post about my favorite positive TEDTalks and you guys loved them. I love discovering new talks and listening to them in the car. The next TEDTalk on my list is The Power of Vulnerability by Brene Brown, it was recommended by my blogging friend.

6- TED Radio Hour

TED Radio Hour is even better than TEDTalks because it is one hour of TEDTalks that are similar to each other. Guy, the host of TED Radio Hour brings on guest speakers and shares talks that are similar in nature to bring to light multiple viewpoints and information surrounding the same topic. Some topics include: happiness, adaptation, trust, design and building better cities. Whatever it is that you’re into I guarantee their is a TED Radio Hour about it!

7- How I Built This 

Guy, the host of TED Radio Hour also hosts this podcast and it is my favorite. In every episode he interviews a different business owner and asks them about their journey, how they founded their company and what their best piece of advice is. I love learning about different types of businesses and learning from them. Getting advice from someone who has made a million-dollar company is incredible and totally valuable. Some great people interviewed were: Kendra Scott, Kate Spade, Alli Webb (DryBar) and Sara Blakely (Spanx). Trust me, all of these are amazing.

8- My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark 

This podcast was suggested to me by a friend because I work in mental health and love talking about the brain and why people do the things they do. This podcast is super fun and is about different murders in history and in the news. They even have a #HometownMurder segment where listeners can write about murders they have heard of from their hometown. Karen & Georgia are super fun and bring a totally care-free and interesting perspective to such horrible crimes. If you like Law & Order SVU or any other crime shows I definitely recommend.

9- Serial 

Okay, this is one of my latest obsessions. Season 1 is about a journalist who finds a murder case where the individual convicted pleads innocence and has been in prison for over 15 years. She talks about the case, the evidence on the crime scene, talks to jury members of the trial and even shares trial footage/police interrogation footage. It’s absolutely fascinating and totally addicting. I’m almost finished and still trying to figure out where I stand… Is he innocent? Or is he guilty?

What podcasts do you listen to?