Lately, I’ve been struggling with something that I haven’t had to worry about in years: acne. ugh. Adult acne is the worst because, let’s be honest, it is still super embarrassing every time a pimple pops up. Especially when it happens before a major event. I’ve been super distressed about my acne because it is bringing me back to my teenage years and I try to take good care of my body so I wasn’t sure what was causing it. Are some people more prone to acne? I did a lot of research on potential causes and also ways to reduce acne and I am super excited to share these tips with you.

Adult Acne: Causes, Fixes & My personal experience

Potential causes of acne: 

Hormones: Remember puberty? Yup, this was the culprit. I quickly dismissed this from my situation because of my age however, after some research I discovered that birth control can be a factor. All birth control methods interrupt our normal hormone cycle which can actually cause more acne to form. Personally, at this time in my life, the benefit of birth control outweighs the risk of having to deal with acne so I’ll just have to deal with this side effect.

Makeup: Personally, I think this was the biggest offender in my current case of acne because I was testing out so many different products for my blog. Trying out so many different brands is fun but can be harmful because your skin doesn’t have time to adjust.

Stress: This is huge and the reason why so many people breakout before major events. Stressful situations can produce a stress hormone which can cause acne to form. Unfortunately, there is no way to block this cascade so preventing stress is the only option.

Genetics: This is a huge bummer because there is nothing you can do about this one. If your parents struggle with acne there is a high probability that you do, or will, too.

Potential fixes of acne: 

Simplify your makeup routine: This is major. Investing in good basics (moisturizer, face wash, sunscreen, foundation) is the first step in helping your skin. I was testing out so many products for my blog but when I finally narrowed down my skincare routine my acne immediately started clearing up. *I will share my current skincare routine soon*

Clean your makeup brushes: This is such a huge one and something that many people forget to do. I’ve done research on this topic and found many different recommendations on how often. Personally, I make it a goal of mine to wash my makeup brushes every month.

Green your beauty routine: If you’ve been following Style by Liv you know that I’ve been trying to transition my beauty routine over to a non-toxic and all natural regimen. The government does not regulate skincare which means that many of the products you use every day contain chemicals. According to teehugger, the average person absorbs 130 chemicals every day through skincare/beauty products.

Stress reduction: Stress is a major culprit so I am adding in stress reduction techniques like meditation and deep breathing into my daily schedule.

Exercise: Exercise increases circulation which is important to skin health as it brings oxygen to the skin. I am trying to implement this at least 2-3 times each week.

What I’ve noticed: 

Overall, making small changes like cleaning my makeup brushes, simplifying my beauty routine and reducing stress has improved my acne immensely. I still experience breakouts and have acne but it is significantly better than where it was last month.

A lot of my research led me to dietary changes however, I have not implemented any of these yet because I do not want to do so without talking to a professional first. I am heading to a medical spa to get a facial this weekend and will discuss dietary changes with her more then.

Any questions/suggestions? I will keep you all updated on my journey.