I’m loving the poll feature on Instagram Stories and recently did a poll to better understand what Style by Liv content you want to see more of. Many of you loved seeing my fitness posts and wanted more athletic content so I am super excited about this journey ahead.

I recently shared about my new workout spot Xtend Barre Burlington. I will continue to post about them on Instagram and will delve deeper into my workout routine on here. In addition to barre, I love to get some yoga in because I think it is so important for the soul. Plus, a good stretch session is always needed especially because I tend to tense up when I get stressed. Thankfully, there are so many free yoga videos on YouTube so I can pick one whenever I need a minute to deep breathe and stretch.

One of the biggest questions I get when it comes to working out is first and foremost: What do you wear when you workout and How do you build a workout wardrobe?

When I workout I usually stick to the basics:

  1. A graphic tank/tee: I usually choose graphic tee’s because they are more fun! Who wants a plain white tee when you can choose something with a fun saying?
  2. Athletic Leggings: A good pair of leggings is essential for your workout wardrobe. I tend to stick to the basics: one black, one grey, one fun printed pair, one cropped, one long. This way, I have a little bit of everything and can mix and match. {I get this question all the time too… Personally, I would choose Athleta over Lulu Lemon but it really is a personal preference. Additionally, Zella from Nordstrom is a favorite.}
  3. Barre socks: When I started Xtend these were a necessity however, I have grown to really love them. They are comfortable and non-stick so I use them for yoga & barre. I have poor circulation and tend to have cold hands and feet so working out in sock is a must and preferred over bare feet!

Building a Workout Wardrobe: The Essentials

Building a Workout Wardrobe: The Essentials

Building a Workout Wardrobe: The Essentials

Building a Workout Wardrobe: The Essentials


Women’s Nike Juvenate Sneaker

Spiritual Gangster You Had Me At Namaste Crop Tank Top

Athleta Leggings Grey


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