These past few months have been a period of major transition for me because I have been switching out my products for non-toxic, natural alternatives. I was so surprised at how many toxins were in the products I use every single day! Thankfully, I’ve discovered some amazing brands that have helped me in my transition. I started with makeup then moved onto skincare products. Now, I’m on my next pursuit: haircare.

I do my best to care for my hair by using a heat-resistant spray and washing my hair only 2-3x/week so that my natural oils can nourish my hair and scalp. However, I recently discovered how many products I use on my hair but have never ever checked the ingredients:

Shampoo: We all have to shampoo our hair but honestly, are we using the correct type? I want my hair to be clean but I don’t want to lather it up with toxic chemicals. I’ve discovered a few options from Follain and I am working on testing them out to see which I like best. So far my recommendation is Feed Your Moisture Shampoo because it is infused with vitamins and essential oils so the therapeutic benefit is amazing.

Conditioner: This goes hand in hand with shampoo because we condition our hair every time we shampoo (or at least I do). There are many different conditioner options out there including conditioning masks and regular conditioner. I prefer a regular conditioner because the consistency of a hair mask just isn’t my thing although, it is something I am trying to get used to. My recommendation for conditioners is the Feed Your Volume Conditioner because I try to have my shampoo and conditioner be the same brand for increased therapeutic benefit.

Hairspray: Ever since I was a little girl at cheerleading competitions I would use this stuff on the regular. I always use hairspray whenever I curl my hair so that it will stay longer throughout the day. I never realized how bad this stuff could be for me or the environment. Thankfully, I’ve transitioned over to Firm Hold Hair Spray by Josh Rosebrook. It has an amazing critrus spray and works like a charm.

Dry Shampoo: Last but not least, this is my saving grace. Dry shampoo is something that I utilize weekly because sometimes life is hard and you just don’t have time to wash/style your hair after work. I utilize this as a way to lengthen the time between my washes. My recommendation is this Voluminous Dry Shampoo.

To celebrate these amazing changes I am sharing some of my favorite hair moments: loose curls, buns and natural waves are three of my favorite things.

Clean Up Your Hairstyle Routine with Follain

Clean Up Your Hairstyle Routine with Follain

Clean Up Your Hairstyle Routine with Follain

This post was created in collaboration with Follain. Follain, thank you for your support. As always, all opinions are my own.

What are your thoughts on these hairstyles and have you tried any of these products? I’d love your feedback!