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As a self-proclaimed life enthusiast I love sharing my
opinions and advice with others. Sometimes companies will contact me
to try products, free of cost. If I try a product free of charge it will say
“this is a sponsored post” on the bottom of the post. All product reviews are my honest opinion. I will never mislead you or give false reviews. If I do not like a product I either will not review it on my blog, or
I will state why I do not like the product.


I do use referral/affiliate links on my website. When you
click on these links I may receive a small commission or other compensation. I
will only provide you with links to products that I love or are on my
If a post contains affiliate links the bottom will say “this post
contains referral/affiliate links.”

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  1. Hi Liv – I sent along a comment on your mermaid tank post, but realized it may have been better posted here. It was about the sponsored posts, just looking for some advice. It doesn’t look like the comment was reviewed yet so I wanted to be sure you saw it (feel free to not add it to the page, I’m aware it is something that moreso should have just been sent here). Thanks! -Ashley

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