I am a total bag-junkie, which means that I have a bag for work, one for play and one for the gym. I am constantly switching things around in my bags and adding/removing things depending on the day and what my activities are. I often forget essential things because they are in my other bag so I have gathered all of my essentials into one pouch that I can add to any bag.

Some of the essentials I make sure to have are:

  • Essential Oils: This is a must. I usually carry around Wild Orange and a Stress Relief roller ball. Wild Orange is the perfect addition to glass of water to wake me up and keep me energized at work. Stress Relief is the most amazing blend and perfect for those days where you have 100 meetings back to back. I usually roll this on my wrists and inhale for 5 seconds for instant relief.
  • Lip Balm: You never know when you will need lip balm. Honestly, its a must.
  • Hair Accessories: I am constantly putting my hair and down and back up again. Bobby pins and elastics are essentials that every woman should carry. Plus, how many times does someone ask for an elastic in the office? #PassItOn
  • Evian Facial Spray: I just recently discovered this and I’m already obsessed. It is a facial spray that moisturizes and refreshens your skin. Evian delivers a natural pH of 7.2 so your skin will hold onto only the moisture it needs. Inside each bottle are minerals that absorb hydration and finish makeup into a natural look.

Everyday Essentials with Evian Facial Spray

I’ve been playing around with this Evian Facial Spray for the past few weeks and there are so many different ways to use it. Here are my favorites:

  1. At 3pm, I am usually running to Starbucks to grab some caffeine. Spraying Evian Facial Spray on my face wakes my skin (& body) up.
  2. In the morning after you put your makeup on. Surprising, this spray will actually set your makeup and make it look more natural.
  3. To absorb oils. I have an oily complexion and around 4pm I hit my peak of oily-ness so a quick spray of this will soak it all up leaving my skin fresh.

Thank you BrandBacker & Evian for sponsoring this post.