Every day a woman has 13 negative thoughts about her body. That’s about 4,745 negative thoughts each year! We are literally training ourselves to hate our bodies and the way we look. This has to change. 

Loving your body is not something that will happen overnight. It is a journey that you must dedicate yourself to every single day. With a little help from Anastasia Amour and her new book, Inside Out, you will be able to banish your negative thoughts and develop fierce body confidence!

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Becoming confident in your own skin involves embracing your inner beauty and loving yourself fully – imperfections and all. The funny thing about body confidence is that absolutely everyone struggles. Even the happiest and most confident individuals have body-hate moments and that is okay! It is normal to have negative thoughts about yourself, it is when you let those negative thoughts control and define you that they become a problem.

We will never be flawless but we can learn to accept and love our flaws by choosing positivity. The more you make positivity a habit the easier it becomes. {Just like negativity.}

We will never be able to completely get rid of all negativity in our life however, we can take away it’s power. We truly do become what we think so when we think positively we gradually become more and more positive. Take away the power of your negative body image by standing in front of the mirror and combating every negative thought about your body with a positive one. It will be difficult at first however, over time, you will begin to notice just how beautiful you really are.

Believe in your beauty & start praising yourself for it. You are beautiful, ambitious and passionate. Do not let your negative thoughts define you, instead counteract them with positive ones.

What you manifest on the inside is what you will project to the world on the outside. Your journey to positivity and happiness starts with your mind. Only you have the power to change how you see your world.



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