Spiritual Diva Hair

I met Jen this past year through my Aunt and we instantly became best friends as we chatted about crystals, essential oils, self-care and social media. Jen started the brand Spiritual Diva which resonates with me so much because it is all about improving your mental health and self-worth while always looking your absolute best. Taking care of my body on the outside and the inside is so important and something I personally strive to do every single day. You may remember Spiritual Diva Jewelry; a jewelry line with the most beautiful healing crystals that actually work. Now, I’m chatting about the other side of her brand, Spiritual Diva Hair; a hair salon that helps you look absolutely fabulous (while also sipping on wine and boosting your self-confidence).

Jen started Spiritual Diva Hair 3 years ago and just opened a new store in Reading, MA 6 weeks ago. Last week, I called Jen because I needed an immediate hair appointment to fix the awful bleached highlights I got. (Lesson learned: blonde does not flatter my skin tone at all).

While at the salon I got a little tour and it is fabulous. She has a fridge filled with wine and goodies for her clients (YES PLEASE) as well as lots of fun products including toxic-free shampoos and essential oil infused body butters. Both necessities in my book.

I was so impressed by Jen and her assistant Rachael who totally transformed my hair from drab to fab. They even educated me while they were working so that I would walk away with knowledge that would actually help me. Some of the things I learned included:

  • Don’t over-wash your hair. You should be washing your hair every 2-3 days with twice weekly being the ideal amount.
  • Using a flat iron is more damaging than coloring your hair. (EEK). *immediately buys heat protectant spray and tries to wear hair natural all week*
  • The integrity of your hair is the most important thing to consider when thinking about trends. If a trend is going to damage your hair then you probably shouldn’t try it or at least think really hard before you do.
  • Stop using cheap shampoo/conditioners from CVS. Step up your game and buy yourself a nice brand because you and your hair deserve it.
  • You should trim your hair every 6 weeks so that your split ends don’t end up splitting up the shaft of your hair causing breakage.

Spiritual Diva Hair

Spiritual Diva Hair

Spiritual Diva Hair

Spiritual Diva Hair

Because this is everyone’s burning question: What was her #1 haircare product recommendation? Oligo Professional

Trust me, she didn’t force me to buy anything or get all sales-woman on me when she started talking about this she just generally believes in the product. It is vegan, paraben free, sulfate free and contains no artificial colors. It also adapts to the moisture level in your hair via osmosis so if you need a lot of moisture it will give it to you. If you don’t need any moisture it will provide you with the bare minimum that you need. Science is amazing.

And *drumroll please* here is my new hair thanks to the fabulous Spiritual Diva Hair. Thoughts?

Spiritual Diva Hair

Thank you Spiritual Diva Hair for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.


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  1. It was my pleasure Liv!!!!

  2. This place is so cute! Love that she has her own products. Your hair looks awesome, btw!


    1. OMG thank you so much. You are so sweet.

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