I discovered FatFace a few months ago and have been a huge supporter ever since. For one, their customer service and employees are phenomenal and so helpful. Plus, they give you an honest opinion when trying out outfits in the story. I cannot stand when I have on a dress that is frumpy and unflattering and the women working try to convince me that I look incredible and need to purchase it. FatFace is truly out to help you look and feel your best. Additionally, I just cannot get over the quality. Everything holds up in the wash, including the colors!

I fell in love with this blue and white dress because it so flattering, has pockets and can be worn many different ways:

  1. At work: With a pair of pumps and a white blazer.
  2. Out on the town: Unbuttoned with some fun earrings and a statement shoe.
  3. As a skirt: Pair a sweater over the top to turn this dress into a skirt for colder weather.
  4. Fall: With nude tights and boots.

When I picked this dress up in the store I called Brandon immediately and told him that we had to have a date night ASAP so I could flaunt my new dress. We headed to Legal C because we were craving some healthy fish/lobster and had the most amazing night. (Did you know they had fried pickles? They are delicious). It has been so long since Brandon and I had a relaxing date night and the opportunity to unwind and enjoy each others company. If you are your significant other are in need of a date night I highly recommend you book one now because your sanity & relationship with benefit greatly.

P.S. Brandon, if you’re reading this, thanks for being my photographer & best friend. Xo

The Most Fabulous Date Night in FatFace Lynnfield

The Most Fabulous Date Night in FatFace Lynnfield

The Most Fabulous Date Night in FatFace Lynnfield

Thank you FatFace Lynnfield for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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