I’m loving the poll feature on Instagram Stories and recently did a poll to better understand what Style by Liv content you want to see more of. Many of you loved seeing my fitness posts and wanted more athletic content so I am super excited about this journey ahead. I recently shared about my new […]



Self-care is the practice of caring for you body without medical personnel. No doctors, no nurses; just you. This means giving your body what it needs without anyone else’s input. This puts all the power on us to heal our bodies in the way we see fit. As a registered nurse, I see immense benefit […]



Today’s topic is something I’m so passionate about: learning to love your body. Many of you know that I work as a registered nurse in a psychiatric facility helping women who struggle with eating disorders. My job is an incredible blessing because it allows me to connect with other women and help them gain a […]



I’ve never had perfect vision and have therefore been rocking glasses since age 4. I used to only wear them in school but as I started driving and working I have found that I’m wearing them constantly. Glasses have become a part of my daily routine. Without them, I cannot see properly which poses a […]



Fun Fact: I have never owned a gym membership before. {Until now.} Yes, you read that correctly. My first gym membership was at age 22. After graduation, I decided that it was time to start taking care of my body in every way possible: nutrition, vitamins, proper sleep schedule and activity. I had absolutely no […]



Nurse Fiona Medical Spa

September 18, 2017

I was invited to attend a blogging event at Nurse Fiona Medical Spa. It was definitely one of the coolest blogging events I’ve been to thus far. We had yummy treats, took pictures, got to network with other individuals and enjoyed some treatments from Nurse Fiona Medical Spa. As a registered nurse, I’ve always been […]





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